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Rustic Benches

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Handcrafted Outdoor Seating

Our Product

"A really beautifully designed bench by someone who clearly knows what they're doing"

A hand crafted, unique and beautiful bench can be the best way to mark a special space. Each of our benches is unique in its construction but the seed of its individual character goes right the way back to the sapling that produced the tree to make your seat.

No two of our seats are the same, each with its own grain structure and quirks it is guaranteed to be unique. The green wood means that over time the environment will shape the bench to be even more different that it was to start with by twisting and darkening the beautiful wood.

We use oak for our products as it is a very dense and durable material that will last for a long time.

Oak (Quercus robur) is a native tree to Britain and most of Europe and has an exceptional lifespan generally living well past 500 years old. One of the oldest Oaks in Britain is in Sherwood forest and believed to be around 800 years old

The Materials

The Location


Our benches are handcrafted here in the heart of The South Downs National Park, a truly magical place to be and an even more magical place to work. 

Situated atop the hill in place of the old HMS Mercury site lies the jewel that is The Sustainability Center. In a realm of its own away from the world and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, time seems to move evermore slowly there. With a focus on outdoor education, it is not at all uncommon to hear children enjoying themselves and giggling away and gasping in awe as they learn new amazing life skills weather it be in bush craft or team-building exercises.

With all the wonderful energy of the visitors to the site, it is all too easy to feel uplifted and motivated after a visit to the cafe and a walk around the magical 55 acre woodland. 

With opportunities to stay in the newly retrofitted Eco B&B or go off-grid in one of their yurts down on the campsite, the center is one of the most wonderful places to visit, stay, eat at, walk and enjoy.


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