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Handcrafted Outdoor Seating

Rustic Benches


Welcome to Rustic Benches

Our benches are lovingly hand crafted in the heart of the South Downs National Park at The Sustainability Centre. Each one is made with love and care with every detail carefully considered.

These products are made with locally sourced materials and have natural quirks to make each piece unique and individual.


Unfortunately we currently have a six week wait time due to a back log of orders

Gumbril Style

The largest of our benches. This beautiful seating option is a wonderful item to have in the garden or a lovely marker for a special space


Length - 72"

Height - 52"


Reeves Style

A much smaller but more unique and classy style of seat. This beautiful bench is designed to fit nicely into and space but stay low profile.


Length - 45"

Height - 18"


Kel Style

Our most popular bench. Simple but sturdy and elegant. The beautiful grain means this bench is a work of art as well as a functional seat.


Length - 42"

Height - 25"


Turner Style

A variant of our most popular bench. The same stylish and beautiful construction as the Kel style but with lower profile joins to keep it simple and neat.


Length - 32"

Height - 25"




A very different style but just as solid and stunning as the rest. A wonderful seating option just as much as a beautiful piece of furnature.

Length - 25"

Height - 18"


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