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Rustic Benches

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Handcrafted Outdoor Seating

This page contains any new plans, products or features that may be coming in the future

News & Updates

January 2023

Mark the date!

Rustic benches finally goes live to the world! after spending some time to perfect our site and to ensure we are building our benches up to a top notch quality, Rustic Benches is finally open for business!

Bench Number one.

Our first bench is in the ground and waiting for the first people to sit and enjoy the view! the beautiful Gumbril style bench is now permanently in place and will be for many many years to come.

February 2023

One stool more.

Our simplest designed seat is now in place and looking stunning in the beautiful woodland setting. Freshly oiled and filled with colour, it really stands out amongst the grey wintery scene.

March 2023

Second one in place.

Our stunning but simple Kel bench is in, sitting in the heart of the South Down Natural Burial Site. Its beautiful grain, colour and character shining away in the glistening sun.

December 2023

Jiggery Pokery. has a little redesign to a slightly more modern and interesting format. Organically themed to mirror our organic and ever different products.

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